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When you need information on departure and arrival times of flights to and from destinations, guidance on air navigation processes and procedures, related parts in the aviation service line at Cat International Airport Bi, passengers can contact directly at the check-in counter through staff of airlines, flight attendants, security personnel at the airport or contact the hotline number of Cat Bi International Airport

Hotlines: (+84) 225 3976408 or (+84) 969279292

Free wifi

The domestic and international terminal of Cat Bi International Airport is equipped with Free Wifi, 24/24h, allowing passengers to access internet freely, unlimited time.

Easy to connect to this free wireless network, passengers must perform the following steps:

– Connect wifi signal name: “CHKQT_CATBI_01, CHKQT_CATBI_02, …..”.

– Connect successfully and start using the internet.

This is an unencrypted information system, not safe for banking, email, social networking… so please consider before using.

Health Care service

Cat Bi International Airport will provide medical services at the airport and medical emergency services for passengers and airlines through Cat Bi International Airport.

The medical staff of Cat Bi International Airport with qualified staff and high responsibility. The full amount of medication will provide the patient with the best initial emergency services and quick response time (patient access time not to exceed 15 minutes from the date of receipt of the emergency request information). , and ready to respond effectively to airport emergency situations.

Location of the emergency room at the passenger terminal:

– Medical station located at Domestic Terminal – 1st Floor – North – Passenger Terminal

– You can contact us by phone number of Cat Bi International Airport is (+84) 225 3273986, then press the internal number of the medical room